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Teaching Philosophy

My multidisciplinary, multicultural, and multi-institutional teaching experiences have demonstrated my passion for pedagogy. I am highly committed to promoting student success and fostering the next generation of planners and geographers with diverse backgrounds, broad horizons, and competitive professional skills. To achieve this goal, my teaching philosophy emphasizes: (1) creating an inclusive and student-centered classroom that caters to the needs of all students; (2) infusing social justice and equity in planning and geography courses; (3) igniting students’ passion through inspiring and proactive learning approaches; and (4) developing problem-solving skills by linking the classroom to real-world practice and research.


Getting Started Teaching Online

University of South Carolina

June, 2020

Independent Teaching

GEOG 341: Cartography

(required course for the GEOINT Certificate Program)

Fall 2020, University of South Carolina

Evaluation: 4.78/5

GEOG 105: The Digital Earth

Spring 2020, Spring 2021, University of South Carolina

Evaluation: 4.31/5

Teaching Assistant

775 395: 01/02 Research Methods

Fall 2019, Rutgers University

Instructor: Nathan Foote

My guest speaker session: Representativeness

970 553: 01 Methods of Transportation Planning

Spring 2019, Rutgers University

Instructor: Dr. Michael Smart

970 516: 01 Planning Meth

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019, Rutgers University

Instructor: Dr. Mi Shih

970 509: 01 Urban Economics and Transportation

Fall 2017, Rutgers University

Instructor: Dr. Michael L. Lahr

My guest speaker session: Urban Economics and Transportation

Diploma Project of B.Eng. in Urban and Rural Planning (studio)

Spring 2013 - 2016, Tongji University

Instructor: Dr. Zhiqiang Wu

Design Strategies

Fall 2010, Tongji University

Instructor: Dr. Zhiqiang Wu

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